Eva Bundgaard

Eva Bundgaard

Senior Researcher at Organic Energy Materials, DTU Energy


  • Light-absorbing polymers for the active layer in polymer solar cells



Eva Bundgaard investigates how new, more efficient polymers can be designed for use in solar cells. Her work may ultimately improve the efficiency of polymer solar cells to a level where they become a financially viable energy production technology. Bundgaard  received a 7 million Dkr. grant from the Villum Foundation’s Young Investigator Programme  in 2013 for her work on materials for organic solar cells. She is in charge of coordinating the activities at the Danish-Chinese Center for Organic-based Photovoltaics with Morphological Control, which was established in September 2010 as a collaboration between Zhejiang University and Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science in China and Aalborg University and DTU Energy Conversion in Denmark. She is also co-organizer and one of the lecturers in the Solar Section’s online Coursera course on organic solar cells.