Mikkel Jørgensen

Mikkel Jørgensen

Senior Research Scientist in Organic Chemistry at Section for Organic Energy Materials, DTU Energy


  • Software for data acquisition and measurement interface applications
  • Testing and characterization of polymer solar cells
  •  Synthesis of polymers for organic solar cells 



Mikkel Jørgensen has conducted research within the field of organic solar cells for more than a decade and published over 150 peer reviewed articles on the subject. His main interests include the synthesis of polymers and the testing and characterization of polymer solar cells.

Mikkel Jørgensen’s career started as a senior chemist in the private sector, where he worked from 1987 to 1994. He then joined DTU as a Senior Researcher. 

Over the years, Mikkel Jørgensen’s field of expertise has expanded to include the development of software for measuring equipment used with polymer solar cells. His software is instrumental in enabling the Solar Team to investigate the properties of complex materials and acquire precisely the data they need in order to evaluate important aspects of polymer solar cells, such as efficiency and stability.

Together with collaborator Professor Frederik C. Krebs he appeared in the report: THE WORLD’s Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014, compiled by Thomson Reuter on the basis of an analysis of which researchers are most frequently cited by their peers.