In this section of DTU Energy we work with organic materials and we develop materials for use in relation to energy. We have facilities for both synthesis and characterisation:

  • Organic synthesis laboratories with equipment for small and large scale batch synthesis along with flow synthesis and characterisation equipment to fully analyse organic materials.

We have focused a lot of our effort on development and improvement of organic solar cells and for this we have the following facilities at our command:

  • Lab-scale roll slot-die coating of polymer solar cells using a Mini Roll Coater for printed organic photovoltaics (OPV). The MRC allows fully coated/printed cells using less than 100 mg material for a width of 100 mm and 1 m length substrate.

  • Glove box processing line including thermal evaporator. The standard layout comprises spin coated solar cells on a glass substrate with metalized electrodes patterned to fit in rapid testing equipment.

  • Roll-to-Roll coating with various printing and coating techniques like slot-die coating for up-scaling of OPV processing.

  • A Characterization Laboratory for Organic Photovoltaics (CLOP) which includes standardized performance testing with a class A solar simulator, IPCE testing, 1000 h lifetime tests using thermal cycling and weathering chambers and outdoor testing. Read more here