Industry Partners

DTU consider collaboration with external partners as an important and strategic mission. Collaboration ensures that DTU’s research-based knowledge and technologies are being disseminated to the society.

The Section for Organic Energy Materials at DTU Energy has a very fruitful working relationship with a number of industrial partners, including:


InfinityPV logo


The core of infinityPV is printed electronics and in particular printed organic solar cells. The company addresses a broad range of products ranging from solar panels over materials to characterization hardware. This product range springs from the academic roots of infinityPV, but is rapidly evolving.
EnergiMidt Logo-200


The Danish energy supply company EnergiMidt has a portfolio of renewable energy sources and are interested in OPV as a potential major energy source for the electricity grid.

 FOM Logo-176


FOM Technologies specialize in laboratory equipment for OPV research. Several of their products have been developed by the Solar Energy Section, including the Mini Roll Coater and the SameSun characterization platform.

 GAIA Logo-200


Gaia Solar specializes in building-integrated solar systems and conventional silicon-based solar power plants.  They are interested in polymer solar cells as a new, promising technology.

 GM Logo-157


Grafisk Maskinfabrik specializes in the manufacture of printing machinery and equipment for industrial use. Several pieces of the equipment that have been customized for our research on large-scale processing of solar cells were purchased from Grafisk Maskinfabrik. In 2010, they entered the market of  OPV with a blueprint of a machine developed for research at the Solar Energy Section at DTU Energy.





Mekoprint’s core business is printed electronics. In 2010 a successful technology transfer took place from DTU Energy to Mekoprint, enabling Mekoprint to set up a complete production line for polymer solar cells intended for low-power stand-alone applications such as reading lamps and laser pointers.